High Speed Fiber is now available in Belfast! Packages starting at $59.95/month

Choose speeds up to 1GB

Here are the benefits:

  • High stability: watch your favorite TV shows or movies streaming over the web while finishing work, or while the kids do homework -- without interruptions!
  • Less susceptible to corrosion or power surges
  • Be prepared: Fiber allows for future evolution of technology
  • Maximum bandwidth capacity
  • Uploading videos for friends and family? No problem! Fiber supports large amounts of data

ALL Broadband Packages include:

  • Full unlimited access to the World Wide Web
  • Five BLUESTREAKME email addresses with 1GB of storage per address
  • E-scout – SPAM filtering and email Virus Protection Service
  • Toll-Free, local 24/7 Technical Support: 207.338.9015, option 2

For those customers looking to do the basics, we offer smaller packages too, with no cable or phone line required. 


Contact a local customer representative today at 207-338-9015 or email at to learn more!